Monday, December 27, 2010

Honey Pistol Looking Back To the Future

Howdy Folksus! It's almost the New Year!

Honey Pistol has been reflecting on the past year and, wow!  We were blessed to play with so many amazing local (and a few touring) bands in 2010!
Check out this link and see all the venues, dates, and bands we've been able to play this past year!

We are ducking our heads into the studio in January so keep an eye out for our CD Release!
And don't forget to check out all the great local bands that Phoenix has to offer!
Check out this GREAT touring band from Paris: General Bye Bye (playing w/us March 25th)

We will be back on stage on February 19th 2011 starting it off at Teakwoods in Phoenix of course!!
It's a great FREE and ALL AGES venue with food, drinks, and great live music!


Help us get more play on the radio by going to KWSS 106.7 Facebook Page and requesting: Honey Pistol
And listen to KWSS 106.7 streaming live online!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!  Hope to see you in 2011!
Oh, we also have a new video PREACHER MAN up on youtube!
Check it out!

P's & Love,
Jared, Jenny, Hannah, and Bob
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Another Year Gone by! Show's We played in 2010

Wednesday 22 December 2010
An Evening with Honey Pistol
at The Lost Leaf
Saturday 18 December 2010
An Evening with Honey Pistol
at Teakwoods 
Saturday 11 December 2010
The Whisperlights, Black Carl, Dry River Yacht Club, King of Gods
at 910 Live

Wednesday 24 November  2010
with Banana Gun Cd release, The Papersnowmen, Strange Young Things
 at The Rogue Bar, Scottsdale AZ
 Saturday 20 November 2010
The Whisperlights, Andrew B
 at Long Wong's, Tempe AZ

Wednesday November 17 2010
with The Hatley Trio, Richard Head Band
 at Sail Inn, Tempe AZ

Friday 29 October 2010
with Dr. Butterface
 at Donna Jean’s, Glendale AZ

Saturday 9 October 2010
with Banana Gun, Fishbone
at Tuscon Music Festival, Tucson AZ
Saturday 2 October 2010
at Sail Inn, Tempe AZ
 Saturday 25 September 2010
An Evening with Honey Pistol
at Teakwoods, Phoenix AZ
Saturday 11 September 2010
Banana Gun, Dirty Rascals
 at The Rogue Bar, Scottsdale AZ
Saturday July 9 2010
An Evening with Honey Pistol
 at Teakwoods, Phoenix AZ
Saturday 2 July 2010
First Fridays – Paisley Violin
 at 3rd & Roosevelt, Phoenix AZ
Tuesday 29 June 2010
Ten High Tuesday – with Milo the Mayor, DJ Babynose,
at Yucca Tap Room, Tempe AZ
Saturday 11 September 2010
Banana Gun, Dirty Rascals
 at The Rogue Bar, Scottsdale AZ
Saturday 19 September 2010
Mental Yenta, The Rebel Sets, The Haymarket Squares, Thankful Birds
 at Long Wongs, Tempe AZ
Friday 18 June 2010
with Seven Car Pileup and Izzy Edible
at Hollywood Alley, Mesa AZ
 Saturday 29 May 2010
with Carey Slade, Mergence, and Late
at Goat Head Saloon, Mesa AZ
Friday 21 May 2010
with Mergence
at Teakwoods, Phoenix AZ

 Thursday 20 May 2010
with Of the Earth, Mental Yenta
at Goat Head Saloon, Mesa AZ

Friday 14 May 2010
with Mergence, Sister Cities, Wizards of Time, Banana Gun
at Yucca Taproom, Tempe AZ
Thursday 29 April 2010
with Mergence
at Sail Inn, Tempe AZ
Friday 23 April 2010
with Mergence, About Freedom, Big. Fast. Easy. Banana Gun, Thankful Birds
at Goat Head Saloon, Mesa AZ
Tuesday 20 April 2010
with Mergence, Kirkwood Dellinger
at Sail Inn, Mesa AZ
Friday 12 March 2010
with Mental Yenta, Banana Gun, Big. Fast. Easy, Mergence
at Hollywood Alley, Mesa AZ
Friday 19 February 2010
with The Pubes, Japhy’s Descent, Banana Gun
 at The Rogue Bar, Scottsdale AZ
Saturday 30 January 2010
with What’s Left, Mental Yenta, The Haymarket Squares
at Goat Head Saloon, Mesa AZ
Thursday 20 January 2010
with Of the Earth, Mental Yenta
at Goat Head Saloon, Mesa AZ
Friday 15 January 2010
with Field Trip, Mergence, Banana Gun
at Hollywood Alley, Mesa AZ

Bands We Shared a Stage with in 2010

About Freedom
Banana Gun
Big Fast Easy
Black Carl
Bye Heart
Carey Slade
DJ BabyNose
Dirty Rascals
Dr. Butterface
Dry River Yacht Club
Field Trip
Izzy Edible
Japhys Descent
King of God’s
Kirkwood Dellinger
Mental Yenta
Milo The Mayor
Of the Earth
Richard Head Band
Seven Car PileUp
Shawn Johnson
Strange Young Things
The Hatley Trio

The Haymarket Squares
The Paper Snowmen
The Titans of Industry
The Whisperlights
the..Wizards of Time
What’s Left

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bittle Lit About Us

Since 2008 Honey Pistol has been transforming and creating an experience that listeners can really relate to. One fan describes Honey Pistol as: "A nice cross of jazz vocals with a coffee house splash of coolness." Another fan puts it like this: "It's got this sexiness to it along with these quirky, melancholy, angst filled undertones." Honey Pistol incorporates acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, violin/fiddle, clarinet, drums, bass, shakers, noise makers, and layers of harmonies, interlaced with fun, inspiring, and thought provoking lyrics. Honey Pistol is always striving to entertain, have fun at live shows, and get the fans relaxed and open for a memorable experience. With two singer/songerwriting females in the band, there is always new material flowing onto the stage and in the recording studio. And if you've seen the bass player once, you'll never forget him, with his funky dance moves and solid bass lines, your sure to crack a smile while thumping your head to the sounds. Bobby Anderson holds it all down with his funky drum beats and double bass action! This band is composed of story-tellers, goof-balls, lovely ladies, and true music lovers at heart. It's about the music and fans, and most of all fun!