Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bittle Lit About Us

Since 2008 Honey Pistol has been transforming and creating an experience that listeners can really relate to. One fan describes Honey Pistol as: "A nice cross of jazz vocals with a coffee house splash of coolness." Another fan puts it like this: "It's got this sexiness to it along with these quirky, melancholy, angst filled undertones." Honey Pistol incorporates acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, violin/fiddle, clarinet, drums, bass, shakers, noise makers, and layers of harmonies, interlaced with fun, inspiring, and thought provoking lyrics. Honey Pistol is always striving to entertain, have fun at live shows, and get the fans relaxed and open for a memorable experience. With two singer/songerwriting females in the band, there is always new material flowing onto the stage and in the recording studio. And if you've seen the bass player once, you'll never forget him, with his funky dance moves and solid bass lines, your sure to crack a smile while thumping your head to the sounds. Bobby Anderson holds it all down with his funky drum beats and double bass action! This band is composed of story-tellers, goof-balls, lovely ladies, and true music lovers at heart. It's about the music and fans, and most of all fun!

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